Slovenija is a small, green and picturesque country in the heart of Europe. Our most beautiful rivers which flow through still intact nature offer visitors, especially fishers, never to be forgotten moments of pleasure.

Geographically speaking, Slovene rivers belong to two river basins; Adriatic basin with its main river Soča with inflows, and Danubian basin with Sava and its inflows as its main river. Soča is not only known for its beautiful emerald colour but also for its famous Marble trout, whose marble pattern certainly charms every fly fisher. In our rivers, suitable as well as for beginners and masters, you will also be able to fish Graylings, River trouts, Hybrids, Rainbow trouts, Brook trouts and in Danube Salmons (Hutcho Hutcho).
You will certainly enjoy the beauties of our nature and good fishing.
Come and visit us. I promise you that once you experience our waters you will certainly want to return.