I’m a young fly fisher, who has gathered a lot of fishing experience in the past years. When I came to know fly fishing it immediately touched me and became my life. I master all kinds of fly fishing; my most favourite way is fishing with a nymph. As a Slovene representative for LOOP I can offer you testing of different kinds of fly fishing equipment. I speak English and German fluently.


I have been fly fishing for more than thirty years. Fishing plays an important role in my private as in professional life. I am employed in one of the biggest fishing stores in Slovenia.
I have been competing in a national fly fishing league for several years, I was a member of our national fly fishing team and a national fly fishing champion.
My favourite ways of fly fishing are with a nymph and with a dry fly.
I tie my own flies and I speak English fluently.


I am finishing my studies on the Faculty of sport in LjubljanaAs a mountain-biking guide, coach and instructor I travel around Slovenia a lot, which gives me a chance to fly fish all over Slovenia. I have been fly fishing for quite some time now and I have experienced quite some defeats as well as victories over the fish hidden in beautiful Slovene rivers.
I like all kinds of fly fishing, especially fly fishing with a dry fly. Not far from my home, on Pohorje lies a Black lake, which is one of the most beautiful grounds in Slovenia. Its depths are a hiding place of the autochthonous river trout. I am in love in that place. As a real fly fisher I also tie my own flies.
I speak English and German.